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AIRSIM Internet SIM Card


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Product Description

Travel Data Card – Available worldwide usage in over 100+ countries including Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, China, Japan, Korea, Macau, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Indonesia, Australia, India, Europe, Middle East, USA, Africa, etc.

What Is Included

Prepaid value of $10
* Mobile data roaming
* Talktime of up to 30 mins
* Unlimited data usage
* Sim card pouch (*popular*)


You can top up your AIRSIM account with prepaid value by paypal or credit cards.

Simply download AIRSIM app to purchase additional credits.

1. Select the destination, duration and effective date
2. Check out to pay by paypal, credit cards or prepaid value in your account.
3. Once arrived at the destination, insert the SIM card to your phone and the data package will be activated and ready to be used.

Prepaid value can be utilized to purchase any of the data package within the amount.