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Deep Fried Peanut Crackers (Peyek Kacang)

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Product Description

The famous peyek (or rempeyek) kacang from Batam!   

Weight: 300 gram per pack.  Each pack contains 10 slices of crackers (approximately).  

It contains no pork or lard.


The crackers are very thin sliced and crispy with generous amount of ground nuts.  They are insanely addicting and delicious.  We just can’t stop at one!  

It’s undoubtedly our favourite snack from Indonesia.  


Made in Batam.

3 reviews for Deep Fried Peanut Crackers (Peyek Kacang)

  1. Siti AJ (verified owner)

    Finally, i found the real peyek from Batam! Love it and please bring in more batam snacks for us. miss them terribly

  2. Chrissy

    It’s nice!! Will get more once I have finished the 10 packs I have bought..

  3. Putri Purnamasari

    I just received my order and my family finished two packs of this in a day. Finally, I found a good peyek in Singapore.

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Deep Fried Peanut Crackers (Peyek Kacang)
Deep Fried Peanut Crackers (Peyek Kacang)
Out Of Stock